Prof Alfred Olufemi Fatade



The Rector, as the Chief Executive, oversees the academic affairs and the administration of the Polytechnic. The office of the Rector is situated in the Administrative Block. The following divisions are under the Rector’s office:

Academic Planning

Students’ Affairs headed by a Dean Information Division

Audit Division Protocol Division Physical Planning Guest House

Academic Planning: This deals with the planning of academic programmes. It monitors the population of the students in the Polytechnic. It also monitors the curriculum and advises the Polytechnic accordingly.

Students’ Affairs Division: This cares for the welfare of the students. It has counseling, welfare/scholarship, NYSC and Students’ Union units.

Information Division: This takes care of all information dissemination from within and outside the

Audit Division: This is responsible for the control of all POLYTECHNIC expenditure.

Physical Planning: This is responsible for the orderly physical development of the entire POLYTECHNIC space.


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