The Bursary, which is a major arm of the POLYTECHNIC administration. It deals with financial matters. It deals with financial matters. The department is headed by the Bursar.

The functions of the Bursar’s office as they relate to the students include the collection of approved fees at the time of registration and payment of all monies due to the students. Other sections in the Bursary Departments are:

Treasury/Cash Office
This section deals with the entire committee of the Polytechnic and the outsiders for the receipts and payments into the Polytechnic coffer.

Vote/Expenditure Control
It controls the expenditure pattern of the Polytechnic in conformity with approved budget.

It is record of the daily commitment(s) of the Polytechnic and raises alarm where the total commitments had overshot the budgeted figure for the year.

It reconciles all the Polytechnic bank accounts books with the banks being kept.

This is where the property of the Polytechnic is kept. It also receives the goods purchased and issuing out to the needy personnel/ departments.

Ledger and Final Section
This section compiles all the payments and receipts of the Polytechnic, summarizes all other accounts into the final figure and arrives at Income and Expenditure and Balance Sheet of the Polytechnic as entity with its subsidiary (if any).

Salary Section
This section deals with the payment of Polytechnic Staff Salary and Allowances.

Student Section
This section deals with the entire student of the Polytechnic by way of collating their names, School fees and making sure that there is no debtors among students.

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