Student Affairs Unit

O.A Odusanya

Dean of Students' Affairs


Students' Affairs Officer


Students' Affair staff

The Students’ Affairs Division administers the Students’ Welfare Programmes and regulates their activities. The division provides services in the following aspects of Students life on Campus.

This is the first thing that the Division provides for students. It is designed to help freshmen make successful adjustments to the Polytechnic life. The freshmen come from different pre-Polytechnic institutions and they differ in many ways with respect to their academic, social and spiritual backgrounds. Therefore, for an institution to be able to groom this group of people with heterogeneous cultures, values and experiences and still maintain a reputable image for itself, the institution must design a well-planned programme of orientation, not indoctrination.
The image and reputation of an institution depends to a large extent, on the quality of its products- the graduates-(both in character and in learning) in the community of products of
other similar institutions. This quality on the other hand depends on the input quality of the freshmen and how they are moulded or processed as they pass through the system. It is therefore compulsory for any Polytechnic to refine and polish the mentality of its freshmen through a well-planned orientation programme which will make them acclimatize to the culture and ideals of the Polytechnic.

The objectives of the Orientation programme shall include:
i. To help freshmen make successful adjustments to higher education inside and outside lecture rooms
ii. To prepare freshmen for academic and personal success

The focus of the Orientation Programme shall be the familiarization of new students with the Polytechnic environment – Academic, vocational, emotional, physical, spiritual and social.
This shall be achieved by exposing freshmen to those mutually complementary programmes and activities of the various units of the Polytechnic.

Orientation programme usually comes within the first few weeks of a new Session. This is specifically aimed at educating freshmen about what they are likely to face during their studentship in the Polytechnic.

The Federal Government has excluded graduates of Part-time Studies in tertiary institutions from National Youth Service Scheme.

Only regular Full-Time degree programmes and Higher National Diploma (HND) holders are eligible to participate in the scheme with effect from 2001 service year.